Corporate Social Responsibilities

H & M R Supply Chain firmly asserts its belief in the positive impact of community involvement, which brings about a heightened sense of happiness. We are fully committed to the practice of corporate social responsibility (CSR), as it not only enhances our organization’s reputation, but also instills self-assurance and a genuine sense of achievement.

Our utmost priority lies in ensuring the satisfaction of our employees. This is achieved through our unwavering adherence to labor laws, as well as by providing financial assistance to support their families. We also place great emphasis on the education, health, and safety of their children. Furthermore, we extend our support to the less fortunate by donating warm clothing during both winter and summer seasons. While we acknowledge that this gesture might not completely resolve all their challenges, we firmly believe that it can alleviate some of their suffering. Throughout the year, we actively engage in distributing nutritious food and clothing to street children and orphans during various occasions.

Moreover, our organization has played a significant role in providing first aid, assistance, and support to the Rohingya refugees seeking shelter in Bangladesh.

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