Design & Development

H & M R Supply Chain possesses its own dedicated design and sampling department. The designers create designs in accordance with customer specifications and also generate novel designs that align with current market trends, presenting them to customers. We have implemented cutting-edge computer-aided systems to develop patterns and markers, ensuring that every garment we produce is an exact replica of the approved samples. Additionally, we strive to minimize fabric waste during the production of these garments.

Exploration of Trends: We have established a team responsible for scouting the latest trends and designs internationally. Upon discovering new ideas, we diligently work on incorporating them.

Development of Collections: We consistently focus on enhancing our collection, with a significant contribution from our scouting team. They explore the latest trends, while we strive to establish a specific standard and incorporate these trends into our collection. Consequently, our collection expands, enabling us to provide a wider range of options to our valued customers.

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