• This team is led by a textile professional with extensive experience. The team implements well-structured quality processes that include rigorous control measures at each stage. These processes guarantee the use of satisfactory raw materials and sampling, efficient bulk production, and proper packaging. All these steps are carried out before the final inspection takes place.
  • All possible concerns are identified well in advance of the large-scale production through the implementation of risk analysis. Pre-production meetings and pilot runs are conducted accordingly.
  • Before commencing the cutting process, a comprehensive examination is conducted on every batch of fabric to guarantee its adherence to the required standards. This inspection encompasses various aspects such as stability, shrinkage, color and light fastness, pilling composition, as well as color matching.
  • It is imperative to perform routine inspections throughout the production process to verify the timely resolution of any preliminary concerns and the continuous adherence to the required quality standards.
  • Final Random Inspection (FRI): We conduct random inspections at the conclusion of production, adhering to international inspection standards (AQL). The comprehensive physical inspection of the randomly selected sample is also conducted in accordance with the specifications provided by the buyers. This includes evaluating criteria such as design/style, accessories, appearance, manufacturing process, labeling, materials, assortment, workmanship, measurement, and packaging, among others.
  • Laboratory Testing: In the event that the client requests it, we are willing to assume the responsibility for conducting material laboratory tests through a third-party entity, such as SGS, BV, or ITS.

The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)

H & M R Supply Chain is highly aware of its accountability to the industry, the environment, and society. Our social endeavors encompass education, philanthropy, and upholding ethical business practices.

TradingIssues :

All products are developed while giving strict consideration to the environment. The company requires a minimum age of 18 for employment. We adhere to ethical practices in every aspect of our business operations. We conduct thorough evaluations of all affiliated factories to ensure compliance with social and legal standards. Any potential issues are identified, and our compliance personnel take prompt action through well-monitored corrective plans. A comprehensive social compliance manual is provided to all our vendors.

Social Issues:

H & M R Supply Chain is committed to contributing to society, particularly by supporting organizations that serve the broader population of our country. We regularly provide donations to a non-political, non-profit, entirely humanitarian organization that focuses exclusively on empowering the underprivileged to become self-sufficient, offering assistance to deserving students, and delivering free medical care to disadvantaged individuals in remote areas.

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